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You are faced with an ever-increasing need to maintain employee and applicant records - driven by State and Federal regulatory environments that mandate the types of documents that must be kept, and how long they must be retained. In industries with turnover rates approaching 100% annually, this can be a daunting task. Failure to comply can lead to government fines and litigation from current and former employees.

Your Key Challenges with reference to keeping HR records are:

ITMatchOnline has a list of outsourcing service providers who offer tightly integrated solutions to help you streamline the hiring and record-keeping process, decrease costs, increase access to information - and substantially reduce risk. Skilled consultants of these service providers offer deep knowledge of best practices in Human Resources Records Management.

We help your organization align business goals with HR strategy, enhance employee performance and improve your bottom line.

Drawing upon substantial experience in many industries, and by employing the disciplined practice, ITMatchOnline associated outsourcing service providers work to identify HR document process flows and retention needs unique to your corporate and regulatory environment. Then they recommend and implement a customized imaging and repository solution that improves HR document management, reduces exposure to fines and litigation, and provides HR information whenever you need it.

Here are just a few ways their expertise and approach to Human Resources Records Management can help you:

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